Yoga Pants in Kuwait

I last visited Kuwait in 2011. I remember the trip well for a few reasons:

1. I was terribly concerned about what I would have to wear whilst there and for some reason believed I’d have to wear the loosest fitting clothing I owned. I discovered on my arrival, that Kuwaiti women are some of the most stylish I’ve ever come across and loose fitting clothing isn’t at all necessary. I spent the entire time I was there in loose yoga pants and baggy tops because that’s all that I’d packed. The rule seems to be skin-showing (shoulders, thighs, cleavage etc) is a no-no but skin tight clothing is totally fine. Go figure.

In Kuwait in 2011

2. Boots. Once I’d discovered the above about clothing I didn’t want to wear the cupcake-like outfit I’d brought with and opted for a catsuit instead but I needed boots – so I went shopping! I bought 2 pairs of amazing suede thigh-high boots thinking I would live in them. I haven’t lived in them. One pair is still in the box!

3. I had the most delicious Lebanese food I’ve ever had, yes, in Kuwait and yes, I’ve been to Lebanon ha!

4. I just couldn’t wrap my head around the Kuwaiti Dinar being the strongest currency in the world.

Hello from #Kuwait

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I was stoked when the same events company booked me to perform in Kuwait again – and this time around I didn’t pack yoga pants!

CaitinKuwait With show director Sameh of Philosophy Events

Quick trips are never very glam – I spent a total of about 36 hours on the ground in Kuwait. I arrived in the afternoon and had a rehearsal at about 3am that night (because the event was in a public space and they couldn’t setup during the day when people would be around) – then got some sleep after having been on the move for well over 24 hours.

SoundcheckKuwait At rehearsal at 3am

The next day I took a walk through the shops; got ready to perform; performed; went out for a couple of hours (ok this part was a little glam – it was awesome to meet some of the stylish locals who also happened to be really lovely and to experience a little of the rather underground nightlife with them) and then I headed to the airport.

Kuwaitsocialites Enjoying a little Kuwaiti night life!

I performed suspended under a crane for a GAC car launch. It was windy and wet and cold and miserable up there but the show must always go on! Here’s a little post event video for you:

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