What’s in a name? Just Call me Caitlin De Ville…

Call me De Ville, Caitlin De Ville! It’s not just an upgrade to my stage name, I actually got married in April and took Vaughan’s surname…that’s not the only reason we got married of course but I’ve always loved his surname so it doesn’t hurt!

I tried to go by just ‘Caitlin’ for the longest time and then to differentiate between myself and numerous other violinists named ‘Caitlin’ by ‘Cait Lin’ for a while too, neither ever really stuck though.

There are just so many reasons that I’ve decided to go by my new married stage-name now and I hope you all love it as much as I do. I’ll be re branding all of my social media pages over the next few weeks so you’ll see it popping up all over the place.

Me and my bridesmaids (left to right: opera goddess bestie Robin, loveliest sister-in-law Tarn, Djane BFF Lauren, my awesome little-big sister Kieta and longtime school frienemy Amy)

Vaughan and I had an incredible Wedding in Cape Town – the party of our lives surrounded by friends and family from all over the world. <3 All photography by: Tim Wecke

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  1. rai

    Hi.loved your performance. Are you Asian?

    1. Caitlin De Ville

      Haha no – but I get asked that alot. I am Zambian through and through. 😉

      1. Shan

        – WOW what a gorgeous widdeng, but what an incredible, artistic interpretation of it! Moved to tears by your work and so glad I found you guys! Don’t stop making beautiful movies, ever, not even when you’re old and gray with just a few teeth left.

  2. Ryan Elbwood

    Hello Cait Lin,

    I would like to congratulate for the wedding! I hope you two are very happy and the job and private life gets well regulated.
    Honestly, I was already really in love with you. Well, rather, I had butterflies in my stomach and got wobbly legs when I saw you … BIG SMILE …

    Health, a lot of love and great success for your future! ! ! !



    Caitlin de ville are beautiful your interpretations and I hope in some opportunity you can develop a concert in the city of Lima in Peru

  4. Jorge

    Hello Caitlin, I am from ASUNCION – PARAGUAY, South America, a fan of yours, I have downloaded all of your youtube videos, and thanks to you, encourage me and buy my first violin to learn how to perform like you. Your interpretations are always excellent.

    I want to buy a violin the same as yours on board. What brand is it and where did you buy it, please

    Thanks and always success

    Jorge Aguayo

  5. Ali Mwewa

    Amazing talent i cant go a day without listening to your music Caitlin , the most amzing thing to learn we share the same birth place #Chingola

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