Catch Cait Lin Playlist:

Year 1 | 16th Sept ’12 – 17th Sept ’13

The Electric Violin Diaries: Catch Cait Lin was a project created for Caitlin’s YouTube audience to encourage them to interact with her and play a part in shaping her performances.

…in this week’s episode of Catch Cait Lin…

A weekly show called ‘Catch Cait Lin’ invited you into her world. She shared videos from performances she’d had during the previous week, asked for song suggestions and answered questions sent in by viewers. Every two months a new theme was announced, known as a ‘Chapter’. For 2 months Caitlin would work on creating a 15 minute finale show based on the suggestions of her audience – the music, the sets, the costumes were all be based on their recommendations.

‘Catch Cait Lin (Year 1) has over 85k views on YouTube and still counting! I had the best time creating and interacting with people from across the globe on this project but trying to balance my live performance schedule with a weekly episode proved to be a little too stressful.

I plan on vlogging again though – looking back, alot was achieved because of Catch Cait Lin and the EVD’s in a year. By far the most popular finale was ‘My Dark Valentine’ with over 300k views in a year but I feel that the best thing that came out of the first year was that I started composing and releasing original music!’

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