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Song: Hot Damned! – Game: Super Meat Boy – Developer: Team Meat

If you’re not familiar with it – Songs of Adventure wants you to MEAT Danny Baranowsky’s awesome work! Hot damned is one of Caitlin’s favourite gaming tunes ever and Vaughan bares the production bones in this week’s episode!

…and this is Sooooongs of Adventure!

Caitlin’s experimentation with vlogging (See: The Electric Violin Diaries) as a way of communicating with her followers worldwide lead to an affiliation with USA based network ‘Geek & Sundry’; for which she co-hosted the vlog ‘Songs of Adventure’ with Vaughan De Ville from 2013-2014!

‘Songs of Adventure is the South African duo Caitlin and Vaughan, who rock out recreating video game music from our favorite games! Not only do they create awesome video game music covers, but they also share trivia behind the music.’ – Geek & Sundry Vlogs

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