Pirates in a little lace

That’s how my friend JP described my latest release ‘Crowe’.
Inspired by Alestorm’s epic pirate melodies, composed by Vaughan and myself as usual but we decided to try out a softer sound with this one.

It’s the first time I haven’t used distortion on my violin for a recording in a while, so I feel a little exposed but think it works. Hopefully you do too.

We didn’t plan on shooting this one outdoors at all, I actually initially wanted to step away from the performing in a pretty outdoors setting thing and try something new out, possibly in a studio. Studios are expensive, so in the end we decided to experiment with what we already knew, to rather try change the filming and editing style, focus on close-ups and new angles of my playing and try work in details from the scenery – I did less performing for the camera and more straight up playing.

We also (obviously) didn’t plan on thousands of hectares of Cape Town’s national parks being scorched by the recent fires. When we saw some of the photos Tim had taken whilst hiking through affected areas that were still accessible, it seemed silly to not go outdoors : beauty in the destruction – with new signs of life already showing through.

I spent more time just playing before recording than I usually would have, I’m pretty impatient and just wanted to get to the harmonies. Harmonies are my thing. In the end it sort of developed into Piratey-dancey-feel-goodness.

Thanks to my Patreon supporters for making another video possible, this is the 3rd Patreon funded project now! I’m thinking of doing a cover next month if all goes according to plan, so keep an eye and ear out for that.

All photos were taken by Tim Wecke – mad skilled.

Until I blog again. Here’s ‘Crowe’ xx

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    Hello,I’m from Italy
    I discovered your music and your style just six days ago,I really love the sound of the electronic violin, your style, however, gives greater prominence to everything that you play with those fantastic hands.
    Crowe is a gorgeous and evocative piece that makes you dream and evoke fantastic feeling…. I also really like e hyena and hysteria and different your cover like written in the stars…COMPLIMENTS!!!

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