Krazy for Le Kap

It was only a couple of months ago that I was saying how crazy it felt to be catching a plane straight after a gig in Johannesburg to get to India for a performance the next night. Well I think I beat that madness with this adventure.

So I had a gig in Zambia, followed by a soundcheck for another gig the night before an early flight to Johannesburg to do a daytime event there only to catch a flight back to Lusaka to do a late night gig and then catch an early morning flight back to Cape Town. Phew. Just typing that made me relive it a little and now I’m tired.

The gig in Johannesburg was at Le Kap Lifestyle Fair. A luxury lifestyle event – think champagne, designer fashion, helicopters and horse show jumping – oh my! (Dorothy eat your heart out) Oh and me! I had an awesome stage on the catwalk in the middle of the equestrian arena. I did feel a little lonely out there but it was all very dramatic, especially in my stunning Jacques La Grange Couture attire blowing in the wind. Jacques was an absolute sweetheart and his work is just so femme and lovely, he styled me perfectly to work with both the event as well as my own taste.

Thankfully all travel went super smoothly and I made it back to Zambia for the second event of the day with enough time to put on a different outfit, fix my lipstick and line check before jumping on stage like I’d been there all along.

I somehow was awake in time to catch my flight the next day, I don’t really remember how because in my mind I woke up somewhere around lunchtime on a plane between Johannesburg and Cape Town. Definitely an itinerary I don’t plan on topping any time soon.

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