Incredible India

There’s nothing quite like Indian hospitality. Growing up I always just thought that my Indian friends’ parents were just being polite when they would insist that I visit them more often or join them for meals whenever I liked (coz let’s be real there’s nothing quite like Indian cuisine either) but this was my second trip to India, to a whole new region and I’ve decided it’s a genuine trait of Indian culture to be unbelievably welcoming.

View from our room in #Delhi #incredibleindia for the next few nights 😍

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Staying at the amazing 5* Hyatt Regency Delhi definitely didn’t hurt. A beautiful hotel where we were treated like rockstars from the moment we set foot in it. By some wizardry as we walked through the front door we were presented with our room key, already having been checked in (again, just magic) whisked up to our room and told about all sorts of exciting day trips and things to do around the hotel whilst we were still just in the elevator.

I stay in ALOT of hotels but I was pretty blown away by the attention we were given. Ok I’ll stop talking about the hotel once I say this – the food was AMAZING! I discovered a sweet treat they just called ‘milk cake’ and it was love at first bite.

Vaughan and I were booked to perform as ‘DeVille’ at House Club A which is a members only club at the hotel. A very swanky spot, its not a big club but that didn’t stop party goers from getting a little loose! We performed for 2 nights, the club was the exact sort of setting we imagined we’d be booked to play in when we put together our DJ/electric violin collab so it was pretty great to get a chance to test out the original concept and discover that we really do work well in that scenario.

We were treated to a trip to Agra the day before we left, giving us the chance to explore the Taj Mahal, so so beautiful! Just crazy busy. I think after our trip to Egypt and specifically after just about having the pyramids at Giza to ourselves (Beyoncé style) the Taj Mahal was a little too manic and crowded to really be able to stand back and soak it all in properly. Still an incredible experience and it’s a no-brainer why it’s a World Wonder.

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I’m so behind on my blogging that we’ve since been to India again, to Bandipur which is quite a drive into the jungle from Bangalore airport. I felt like we’d stepped straight into the Jungle Book, no jokes! Vines to swing from – tigers – bears (yeah Indian black bears who knew?) – trees with thick horizontal branches for Mowgli to run along – monkeys everywhere! It was a private event for a lovely family and a really special experience. I really do love India.

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