Landlocked Zambia – a beach party, say what now?! Hashtag Entertainment booked our collab act DeVille to perform at Tiffany’s Canyon in Lusaka and we weren’t really sure what to expect before arriving at the venue – but WOAH what an awesome spot and what a rad party it turned out to be!


Because the party was spread out across a pretty massive area (and because us Zambians tend to operate on African time meaning the majority of the crowd only turned up later on), our first set didn’t feel as inclusive as we would have liked, we made it work though and stuck to Chilled and Tropical House music, giving everyone that was there just a teeny taste of what we had planned for our second set.


Cleo Ice Queen was the hostess for the day, and there were quite a few other performers and DJs including Mic Burner, DJ Hussein, Zar, Vinny Boy and the BBM Break Dance crew. Hashtag definitely knows their crowd – the entertainment was on point.


The crowd did eventually get a little closer, get a little more loose and we were able to kick it up to play some banging Club House. I thought a couple of the bigger tracks we play would be too heavy for the casual vibe, but Vaughan pointed out that with the other DJ’s playing Trap, Club House/Big Room would go down just fine – I went with it, he was right and we had a raging sunset set!


We were interviewed by Fresh TV – in a moving boat. It was the most out-there interview I’ve ever done – from not being sure if the little tin boat was actually up to all of us being in it; to playing ‘Happy Birthday’ (yes in the boat) for someone who wasn’t actually having a Birthday; to Vaughan’s impromptu beat-boxing and the interviewers encouraging the owner of the boat to ‘go as fast as the boat can go!’ We amazingly made it back to shore without anyone going over – I’m not convinced that our loony interview will ever air though. Ha!

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At the afterparty…let’s just say things got a little wild. My family had driven down to be at the party and us lot do love to celebrate when we’re together. We also love our cocktails, of which there were plenty on offer. Blue Hawaiian anyone? Me! Pick Me!



If you’re in Zambia, keep an eye on Hashtag Entertainment it sounds like they have some great future events planned, and if you’re in the area Tiffany’s Canyon is well worth the visit. I’ll leave you with this fab little Facebook after movie which makes me happy because YAY Summer is just around the corner!


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  1. Belle guerra

    Estou encantada cm tanto talento e graça! Vc tem o sorriso mais encantador q já vi! Pena q já é casada! Rs

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