Yoga Pants in Kuwait

I last visited Kuwait in 2011. I remember the trip well for a few reasons:

1. I was terribly concerned about what I would have to wear whilst there and for some reason believed I’d have to wear the loosest fitting clothing I owned. I discovered on my arrival, that Kuwaiti women are some of the most stylish I’ve ever come across and loose fitting clothing isn’t at all necessary. I spent the entire time I was there in loose yoga pants and baggy tops because that’s all that I’d packed. The rule seems to be skin-showing (shoulders, thighs, cleavage etc) is a no-no but skin tight clothing is totally fine. Go figure.
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Opening for UB40

When I was booked for the Stanbic Music Festival in Lusaka, Zambia back in mid-2016 I was initially pretty concerned about how I would fit into the festival line-up. It’s previously been known as the ‘Stanbic Jazz Festival’ and although I do have the habit of playing a blues-y riff when sound checking; I definitely wouldn’t rate my technical abilities as jazz tier – so I relaxed when I heard that it was being re branded to appeal to a wider audience. Then I found out I’d be opening for International reggae legends UB40 and the pressure was back on – never mind jazz lovers, what the hell would die hard reggae fans think of me?!
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