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So you'd like to know a little moreAboutCaitlin De Ville...

She's Unconventional:

Her sound – her movement – her playfully sexy style; there’s no mistaking Caitlin for a traditional violinist. Her shows are a combination of drama, energy, technology and the result of a long term love affair with popular and underground dance culture.

She’s a little Wild:

It all started with a front-end loader in Zambia back in 2005. Since then Caitlin has found herself on top of trucks, buses, tractors and even jumping between cabins on a moving train whilst performing! Taking adventurous showmanship to new heights, Caitlin can also perform an aerial act which sees her back flipping, flying overhead and playing upside down without missing a beat.

She’s Passionate:

About Music? Absolutely. But more than anything Caitlin is passionate about being on stage! First and foremost she is a performer who lives and loves to entertain – which is pretty obvious to all who see her in action. She comes to life under the spotlight.

Welcome to Caitlin'sYouTubeWorld

Shape of You (Cover)

Formed in February 2017

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All footage and photography by That Zed Photographer Thank you Patreon supporters!

Alone (Cover)

Formed in January 2017

1 To See

All footage and photography by Thank you Patreon supporters! Alan Walker's - Alone is such a great track I just had to have a go at it, hope you enjoy my cover!

Rockabye (Cover)

Formed in December 2016

1 To See

Thank you Patreon supporters! Love love love this song, originally by Clean Bandit ft. Sean Paul & Anne-Marie, hope you enjoy my cover!

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